Squamish Bookkeeping Services & Accounting

Balanced Bookkeeping and Accounting (BBAA) provides a myriad of different accounting and bookkeeping functions. We offer customizable solutions to fit your organizational needs and budget. Need a full-service bookkeeping solution with all the bells and whistles? We’ve got you covered. Need something a bit more scaled back or perhaps a bookkeeping consultation? We can do that too. Please view our list of services below and contact us for more information.


Accounts Payable

Lower your expenses, speed up month end close and improve your bottom line. BBAA can help you transform your manual accounts payable functions into a simple outsourced process. Per-invoice processing expenses as well as cycle times are reduced significantly while improving control of the entire business process.


Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable – Our accounts receivable solutions will help your business manage A/R performance to increase cash and to improve net revenues. BBAA helps businesses achieve desired accounts receivable performance by offering A/R clean-up services, aged A/R services and collection services.


Financial Statements

Continuous fluctuations make financial statement preparation and analysis a very technical and time-intensive task. BBAA provides organized financial statement preparation and analysis so that your financial reporting is successful and efficient. Contact us today for a free consultation.



We handle a number of different remittances including HST, GST, MRDT, PST, WCB, and Source Deductions.



Processing payroll is a time-consuming and complicated task. Need help on payday? Trust our staff at BBAA. We’ve developed payroll solutions for organizations both large and small. Our payroll services are tailored around your unique needs so you can be confident that there will be no unanswered questions or discrepancies.


Month End and Year End

Does your business need assistance with month end and year end processing? Talk to our staff at BBAA today. We can help you manage and process your month end and year end so you can focus on your customers.


Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation

Anyone who’s ever done a bank or card reconciliation understands that these can be very complex and can require patience, understanding and execution. Most businesses write hundreds or even thousands of checks regularly. They also make many deposits and receive many payments from their clients and customers. Reconciling these figures is an intricate and detail-oriented process. BBAA will work closely with you to make sure your books are accurate and up to date. Take the worry and the hassle out of the reconciliation process with BBAA.

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